27 July 2016 / Google-Youtube – Our priority is to make first and user-friendly works in our digital works; However, our contribution to brand value and all digital works that are reflected in sales are indispensable for us.

The Bumper Ads study we made for LG by Google was published as a Global Case Study as a result of its success.

The aim of the campaign was to maximize the reach and awareness of the LG G5. By determining the primary target audience, TrueView video was shown to the users. A second video of about 6 seconds was shown to the data related to the collected data pool.

With the second ad impression, ad and product awareness increased by 26.2% and brand awareness grew by 9.2%. Another striking achievement was the 30% lower CPM costs.

Thanks to Bumper Ads we were able to drive incremental Ad recall and Brand Awareness on our most engaged audience.

Erkan Terzi, LG Electronics Digital Marketing Executive