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The effects of artificial intelligence and quantum transformation on the marketing world!

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Artificial intelligence has already started to change the marketing world both in terms of marketing management of companies and consumer transformations. This rapid development of technology will lead to major changes in the marketing world. Especially the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computers promises unique opportunities and transformations for companies and consumers. At the same time, this functions will bring us some disadvantages that we need to pay attention to.

In standard terms, AI is the programming of computer systems to have human-like intelligence. It performs tasks such as data analysis, prediction, decision making and problem solving using techniques such as machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing. Currently, we have AI tools that automate and perform many tasks. In the history of humanity, there has never been such a rapid and high impact transformation, especially in technology.

Quantum computers can be defined as computers of the future that are based on the principles of quantum mechanics and use a new computing method that can solve complex problems that classical computers cannot solve. Quantum computers can represent multiple states simultaneously and perform parallel processing using quantum bits (qubits). This makes them much faster and more efficient than classical computers for certain problems. We are not talking about a difference of 100 or 1000 between the speed of today’s classical computers and quantum computers. We are talking about a speed that we can say millions of times in processing speed. Today, world giants such as IBM, Google and Microsoft are carrying out important studies in this field.

Now imagine that these 2 marvellous technologies work together. We can think that this change, which is like something out of science fiction films, will be quite controversial about what it can lead humanity to. The article “Systematic Literature Review: Quantum Machine Learning and its Applications” draws attention to 1 issue in particular: quantum computers have the potential to increase the speed and efficiency of machine learning models. This prediction shows that the AI technology we have now is only in its infancy. Imagine that AI has increased millions of times its current intelligence capacity. Unbelievable!

It is obvious that we will experience a complete revolution in data analytics and forecasting. Today, we are trying to evaluate, read, interpret and analyse the consumer data we have. Very soon, AI will enable us to better understand consumer behaviour by analysing large data sets. Thanks to predictive analytics, companies will be able to anticipate consumer needs and develop strategies accordingly. Quantum computers, on the other hand, will enable optimisation of marketing campaigns and more precise targeting of millions of data in a short time by performing much faster and more complex data analysis.

The world of personalised marketing, which I always mention in my speeches, will enter our lives much faster and more effectively. AI will create personalised marketing campaigns by analysing customer data. But imagine that these are fully automated. This will further increase customer loyalty and increase the brand valuation power of companies. In parallel with all these, conversion rates in product sales will increase considerably. Quantum computing will make it possible to create more effective and personalised marketing strategies through more advanced segmentation and customer profiling.

AI will increase efficiency by automating marketing processes in many areas. For example, chatbots and automated email campaigns can be used in a more detailed and successful way to increase customer engagement. Quantum algorithms will be used to solve complex optimisation problems, enabling marketing campaigns to be planned and executed more effectively. It will even be able to perform these studies automatically personalised for millions of people. I think that the enormous power here will be better understood especially by friends who have experience in marketing.

Especially Meta, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet companies are conducting serious studies on virtual reality. AI will play an important role in the integration of these new marketing channels such as voice search, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). There is a serious competition between these 4 companies, but in my opinion, I can say that Microsoft and Alphabet are currently ahead of their other competitors with their integrated work in many areas. Especially in these areas, quantum computing can improve the security of marketing data by developing next generation cryptography and secure data transmission methods. Security weaknesses will continue to be carried out predominantly by in-house employees, as they are today, but the measures, rules and company privacy policies will need to be seriously renewed.

It is also necessary to look at the revolutionary areas that this will create on the consumer side. AI will start to provide consumers with more personalised and targeted product recommendations. This will make the shopping experience more satisfying and effective. Thanks to quantum computers, the recommendations and offers offered to consumers will be more accurate and faster. Unfortunately, we will witness that the money in the pockets of consumers will run out faster. For this reason, I can say that especially the second-hand goods market will grow considerably and this will put companies in a difficult situation at the point of product sales.

AI-powered customer service (e.g. chatbots) will increase satisfaction by providing faster and more accurate responses to consumers. Quantum computers will enable customer demands to be met faster with an increase in data processing speed. However, I think this will be perfected much later than the data processing and reading studies I mentioned above. Unfortunately, the current automated systems do nothing but drive us crazy on the consumer side.

Quantum cryptography will provide more secure protection of consumer data, which will increase consumer trust in the brand. Consumers’ privacy concerns will be reduced. AI-based security systems can combat counterfeiting and fraud more effectively. However, it should not be forgotten that the dark world will also take its share of usability from the development of both AI and quantum computers. This shows that a serious digital security war will take place.

AI, combined with technologies such as AR and VR, will offer consumers new and interactive shopping experiences. Quantum computing, real-time data processing and analysis capabilities will enable more dynamic and personalised experiences to be actively used in both digital and physical store environments.

In this new technology era, artificial intelligence and quantum computers will provide competitive advantage to companies investing in these technologies and will enable them to be in a stronger position for market leadership. In fact, the costs of these technologies will benefit small and medium-sized enterprises in certain areas – as a gain from the version. However, large companies will have the chance to utilise much more of this development.

We can say that new technologies will lead to changes in business models and create opportunities for innovation and growth. However, this development, which has already started, will leave many people unemployed. In a world where AI and quantum computing offer businesses the opportunity to create new sources of revenue by offering more efficient operations and better customer experiences, it is quite natural for companies to invest in these technologies instead of people. With the direct proportion of the huge unemployment created to the increasing population over the years, it will be inevitable for governments to take their hands under their feet in economic terms or to introduce new and different regulations in the business world.

In the light of all these developments, the most important part for both marketing leaders and consumers will be the ethical understanding of the use of AI and quantum computing and its change. Companies will have to act in accordance with these rules to maintain consumer trust. In particular, issues such as data privacy, transparency and responsible AI practices will be at the forefront. Unfortunately, even in the technological uses we have now, we are unfortunately exposed to many unethical uses. For this reason, both national and international official organisations need to prepare and comply with the unethical use of new technologies. It will be important that the legal regulations of the states are prepared on this scale and that the legal uses that may occur in case of implementation, supervision and violation are clear and clear. However, more importantly, we should be more aware of these issues and educate ourselves in this field.

“Forging the Future: Strategic Approaches to Quantum AI Integration for Industry Transformation: Strategic Approaches to Quantum AI Integration for Industry Transformation” details the potential impacts of quantum computing and artificial intelligence on Industry 4.0 and integration strategies. This paper addresses the innovations and change management strategies that quantum artificial intelligence brings to the industry. In particular, the need for companies to adapt to these new systems and encourage innovation is emphasised. In this context, the necessity of creating a new ecosystem is stated and the importance of co-operation with companies, research institutions, technology providers and other stakeholders is emphasised. Although we know how difficult it is to realise this, it is necessary to state that we should not lose hope.

Artificial intelligence and quantum computers promise major changes in the marketing world for both companies and consumers. These technologies will transform the industry by making marketing strategies more data-driven, personalised and efficient. In the future, as these technologies mature and become more widely used, more creative, effective and consumer-friendly applications are expected to emerge in the marketing world. However, as I mentioned above, we have similar examples in the history of the world: in many areas such as the internet, data security, digital payment options, etc., it will be vital for us, who first step on the accelerator and then crash, to take the necessary precautions before they happen instead of learning from our mistakes and correcting them.

These innovative solutions offered by AI and quantum computers together will allow us marketing professionals to seize opportunities that they could not even imagine before and will take consumer experiences to the next level. As the marketing world is shaped by the changes brought by these two powerful technologies, it is of great importance for companies to adapt to this change and seize innovation opportunities. Just be ready and get ready for this new revolution!

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