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We may be employees of a company, but we need to remember that these companies are not associations or foundations; they are all for-profit entities. Marketing’s task here is to increase profit rates every year. No one should deceive themselves, all brand employees, including the consumer, know this. Social responsibility projects are also carried out in this context; however, the good thing is that people like me who have worked in voluntary foundations or associations can understand and know: you can add value to your brand in terms of marketing and sales while at the same time providing social responsibility services. I like the second part of these projects more, the part of helping people; I am sure you agree with me.

Social support projects that you have planned for your company within the scope of marketing activities can provide advantages to your company in different areas that you cannot imagine, both in terms of sales and brand and customer value. First of all, when creating such projects, it is important to carry out integrated marketing activities with different units and plan your budget in advance.

In digital marketing, especially facebook can be used actively, and ‘landing pages’ that can be created differently from the company’s home page will also add value. Such projects can provide different advantages to your company depending on the sector, business area, location and country where your company is located. In Turkey, it may be thought that the investments to be made especially in this area will not turn into the desired profit, but this would be a wrong decision made with prejudice. Even a 3% amount that can only be reflected in the sales of the company is a high rate that can support these projects and it does not seem impossible to achieve this rate with these projects. At the same time, it should not be denied that this new marketing channel can bring advantages such as creating loyal customers, gaining new customers and increasing brand value.

You can run your social support projects on some important channels on Social Media: Facebook.  Apart from these, you can visit www.cause.com and carry out your work both on the pages you have created and on different social media channels.

Depending on your company’s business area, you can open a special fan page on Facebook, sell your product on this platform or redirect to the home page. You can donate a percentage of the product sold to foundations or associations or consider different alternatives such as gift vouchers. If your company has a fan page, you can also open cards on the fan page describing your support projects and you can do the same applications. However, my recommendation would be to open a fan page specifically for this kind of social support projects. In this way, you will both gain new customers and analyze the success of your campaign more accurately.

For example, a fan page that supports social support projects to be opened by T-Mobile, and a 5% support over the sales price of each product sold, can encourage consumers to turn to T-Mobile products. The main point that T-Mobile should think about here is that instead of doing classic social support projects, T-Mobile should sign different projects that support communication activities that can make a sound in the media. Like giving a goat as a gift for purchases of 1000 TL or more! This kind of project may sound extreme, but it is a project that can be implemented and gain success. With explanatory and integrative texts, unimaginable communication support can be provided. Especially in South Africa, goats are a very important source of livelihood, an animal that poor families need and that does not cost feed. Providing such support to poor families in South Africa is metaphorically equivalent to teaching them how to fish rather than giving them fish. With this kind of work, shoppers can be encouraged to give this support to poor families, or they can send this donation campaign to their friends as a gift.

Specific to the project you support, you can prepare electronic calendars, greeting and Christmas cards and offer them to your customers. Apart from that, you can do joint marketing activities related to the foundations or associations you work with within the scope of support projects. You can do e-mailing works for your New Year’s or special day greetings to the companies or customers you work with within the scope of B2B or B2C, and you can realize the use of common banners or databases.  You can also archive photos, texts, slides, cards, etc. that can be prepared on behalf of your customers in the Facebook fan page content, and you can use both your company logo and the supported foundation together. You can create a priority support project on behalf of your company employees and take the first step by announcing it in the media. Planting 10 saplings to the TEMA foundation on behalf of each employee! Now it’s time to work on behalf of our customers. The aim here will be to bring people’s common feelings together and turn this into a sales-oriented activity.

Within the dynamics of marketing itself, ancillary support that can be obtained for this area within the scope of classical marketing is not only important but also necessary for the success of the project. A link address or logo at the end of television commercials, one-page works on printed materials or areas that can be used within the scope of communication activities will provide supportive advantages. For companies that sell products, small logos, designs or content that can be used on products will also create added value.

Another feature of this kind of work is that it should be planned for a long time, not a short time. Doing social support projects for 1 year or less will have a negative impact on achieving your marketing goals. At least a 3-year period will be useful for you to reach the desired goal in your project and to analyze the success of the project. During this period, you should also carry out different activities to support your project throughout the year and continue your support in successful areas. In particular, it will be useful to closely follow the agenda, update your social assistance activities and accelerate your efforts in this area. The big earthquake in Japanyo in March 2011, which has been on the agenda for a long time, can be an example of this. How support efforts for people in need of help affected by this event can be directed on behalf of your company within the scope of marketing.

If we briefly list the advantages your company will gain as a result of social support projects, especially digital platforms:

Increase sales rate
Gaining new customers
Increase brand value
Creating loyal customers
Opening a new marketing channel
Increasing brand awareness
But most importantly, to help people by creating added value for foundations and associations

While these are only the visible side of the business, considering that the main goal of marketing is to position your product in the subconscious of the consumer, it would not be wrong to emphasize how important social support projects that can be done with low costs, especially in the digital field, are.  If your company still does not have a social support project, do not wait, start working immediately.

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