August 26, 2015 / Press Release – The “To Photography with LG G4” competition organized by LG Electronics Turkey has concluded. In the competition, in which more than 28 thousand users participated, the users who took the most beautiful photo of their city with the LG G4 won the awards.

“Photography with LG G4”, the photography contest organized by LG Electronics Turkey over the internet, has concluded. In the competition, which is open to everyone, users competed fiercely with their magnificent photos of selfie, nature, city life or a famous dish of that region. A total of 28 thousand 382 people participated in the competition, and the two people who took the most liked photos had the chance to win the LG G4. The total number of likes received by the photos participating in the competition reached 836 thousand 393.

Within the scope of the entire competition, the contestants had the chance to instantly see the photographs they took and the photographs of the other contestants on an interactive map of Turkey. The contestants, who uploaded their photos to the system, also gave likes to the photos they liked and made the first vote. In the contest, in which 33 thousand 369 photos were shared, the contestants also tested their own photographic performances.

Among the 100 photos that received the most likes, the two best ones are Tanju Akleman, Chairman of IFSAK, Lüset Macoro, Vice Chairman of IFSAK, Ahmet Göker, Head of Markakod Agency, Head of LG Brand Marketing Department Gül Cabı, LG Mobile Communications Marketing Specialist Belemir Özkırım and LG Digital Awarded by the jury consisting of Marketing Manager Erkan Terzi.