Book – Is your brain telling you lies: Neuro Marketing in Communication
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Is your brain telling you lies by Erkan Terzi

Mankind has ruled the earth for thousands of years. Terms, conditions, reasons, even goals change. But people do not change. As the human brain continues to evolve and time ripens conditions, our general basic brain work, perceptions and behaviors do not change. When we do not question the many decisions we have made about our lives, we have difficulty in finding the reasons and the answers. Human behavior exhibits emotional behavior while purchasing products and is not alert. This fact, which has not changed for centuries, has continued the same behavior and mind movements as long as human beings exist. In this context, it would be foolish to attribute success in marketing efforts to single or several marketing tools such as advertising, distribution network, pricing strategy.

Since it is the person who buys the product, it is not possible to exclude the emotional perception and purchasing behaviors of the person from this success. For the customer, the answer to the question ‘Why’ did I buy this product is always ready. However, customers do not pay attention to the ‘How’ of the information and images conveyed in the decision to purchase the product. In fact, we often decide beforehand whether we will buy a product, not with logical decisions, but with emotional internal decisions. We are all different from each other, but we have the same internal drives and decision mechanisms as automation products that come out of a factory.

We, the managers who carry out the marketing communication, need to use the marketing tools honestly, leaving behind the essentials of the capitalist system just to get the right results. This gives us brand loyalty on the customer side and we have a great brand in the business world.

But what exactly do I want to tell you in this context? Let’s take a brief look at the frontal cortex and limbic system in humans. The frontal cortex is the part in the frontal lobe of our brain where we make more conscious decisions. In general, we question, filter and make decisions with the frontal cortex. The limbic system, on the other hand, constitutes the area in the depths of our brain where our long-term memory is located, which basically directs our emotions and behaviors. Our brain is exposed to a lot of external influences during the day. The frontal cortex ignores many of these. But the limbic system records, processes and interprets much more. This is the area where they sometimes say to trust yourself and your intuition. Describing a special experiment. They show the men 2 identical photos of a woman. They ask which do you think is more attractive? First of all, everyone gives the same answer. Both of these photos are the same. Indeed, this is true. The photos are the same. Because the questioning part of our brain has the ability to distinguish and question it. Afterwards, the men were asked the same question again and asked for an answer. Men preferred one photo over the other at the rate of 90%. This photo is actually a photo that has been tampered with from the very beginning. The pupils of the woman are 20% larger in the selected photograph, specially prepared in digital software. The limbic system has chosen the photograph that it thinks is more willing or relevant to it, based on both genetics and past experiences. In fact, your consciousness has indicated that it must choose this. Your brain is much smarter than you think!

Now let’s leave aside who what company or which marketing manager actually does what! Take a look at your most recently purchased clothing, electronic device, book, etc. Do you think you really made the decision to buy, or is there another you inside of you that you don’t really know?

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