When I first met on the internet in the 1990s, I think it was a great vision to understand that it was a revolution; we were in pursuit of signing big projects without coming to friends ages 20; Let’s do internet sites, get banners, get projects! We have come for many years from our business kitchen, wearing our new additions and chef’s hats.

I remember those periods when I prepared web site designs, gif banners, just like yesterday. HTML coding, ASP, PHP code; photoshop and website design to flash web sites! At that time, facebook, twitter social media world were not in the world. Joining the rooms with Yahoo Groups, FrontPage simplifies the site designs, I was jumping in the forums. ICQs were our most important software, every innovation in internet technology was making us a ‘hurra’ scam!

When we look back now everything has changed so much. We are witnessing how new and different ideas can change the world in a short time. The concept of digital marketing was in its infancy at that time; I also focused on marketing training while continuing to digital work in this period.

Between the years of 2000-2004 I received undergraduate education at Istanbul University – Faculty of Business Administration; I wrote Digital Photography and Communication Technologies books in 2004 and 2005; these books were published in the same year by different publishers. The Digital Photography book was the first book written by a Turkish author.

I completed academic language and studio photography at W. Rice University and digital photography education at Harvard University.

I completed my marketing specialization education at California University – Berkeley on classic marketing and digital technologies.

I also completed long-term technology and international marketing trainings and certifications from different institutions and organizations such as Microsoft, Ministry of National Education, Google, Bilge Adam, IBM, York Trade.

Many newspapers and magazines such as Marketing Turkey, Export, Young Enterprise, Personal Development, Hürriyet, Refleks have also been published. Currently I am a member of CDO-Chief Digital Officer, Digital Marketing Professional and Digital Marketing Europa.

I have been working in the field of Digital Marketing for about 18 years in classic and digital marketing in İstanbul and San Francisco, brands such as Koç Allianz, Aksigorta, Comcast Spotlight, groosy.com, Simfer, Ziylan Group (FLO, Polaris, Lumberjack, Kinetix, Dockers, SIS). At the same time, I have consulted with many companies and brands such as T-Mobile, Trexta, ESI in Turkey and abroad.

In 2010 I married my life partner, my wife, Buket; my sweetie daughter Sude joined in 2012; then in 2013, my handsome son Burak joined.

I am currently working as a Digital Marketing Manager at LG Electronics; we strive to pioneer and work differently in the field of digital marketing with our entire team; you can share any questions and suggestions with me at any time.

With respect, love and plenty of digital days …

Erkan Terzi