Social Media Terror

The world is going through a hard period of time, todays in many newspapers and on online websites, one of the main titles are social media terror.

It seems that it is not easy to put these 2 words together like this, at least we could say so for yesterday but today it is very different. The words “social media” and “terror” are used together. When social media did not exist, also when there were experts at this job, we were giving counseling both in the country and abroad. For the first time, we started encountering these definitions in these few years. In summary, when terror attacks were organized, it was a big danger for tens of information, correct or wrong, being shared among social media channels and in some situations, these information being able to be used for selfish benefit on some wrong hands. However, it also begs the question: What is the fault of the people who want to share content freely or to receive the most correct information from different sources? The argument here is actually not the instant broadcast ban on TV channels. The characteristic of social media and internet is pretty different from that of TV, newspaper and radio. Not the TV reporters, radiobroadcasters or journalists but the audience itself is here! Let us take a look at this from psychological and sociological perspective.

In the nature of social media, there is freedom and sharing. Sharing on social media channels that have different characteristics but similar structures is in human nature. Curiosity and hunger for information are the biggest triggers. Psychologically, it is indispensable for people to hear the news or share this news with their beloved ones in the shortest amount of time after terror attacks. On the other hand, sharing one’s own thoughts as right to use freely should be ahead of all of the bans; at least it should be that way personally.

The snowball effect in natural structure of social media concerns us sociologically. A share which receives attention is then shared by thousands of people. There is a possibility for a message to be viewed by millions of people in only one day. Never in the history has any communication tool other than TV had this power in the history. However, the social awareness here is that people who make news are the people themselves, not a special institution or a government channel.

In short, every kind of restriction, prevention, deceleration of internet has the possibility to succeed in creating a hatred society instead of a mass prevention. Having said that, social media’s power of creating social chaos must not be ignored. Think of a knife, it possible to cut a birthday cake with it or prepare a nice meal. But at the same time, in some occasions, when obliged you can use this knife as a weapon. While this knife can be used for good deeds on good people’s hands, it can be used for evil on bad people’s hands. Just like in this example, social media is an important tool that can be used for both good and evil regardless of its directors. However, it is on hands of mass power, not a single person – both as a communication tool and a mass weapon.

In this context, the precautions government took or will take can be questioned of course, however it cannot be interpreted as wrong. Just as there could be totally sincere and correct shares over social media, there could also be exacerbating shares that include malevolence and that are in a way that they would greatly worsen the chaos. Here the biggest mislead is “the shares were made by your friends” perception. Actually you know that your friends are sharing from the places the shares were taken, not the previous perception case. However, your perception world does not work like that, the actual danger is here.

Just as in many other subjects, the biggest lack here is the lack of education. We need to teach users how to use social media; give education about how to provide inspection and control. This deep and important subject concerns not only internet and social media experts, but also mass communication, psychology and sociology academicians. All social media company should have responsibility to give information and more details to users(customers) about it like facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, and more. I hope everyone and every social company will firstly realize this. As time progresses, we witness that technology has entered our lives much more. We use social media applications installed in our phones like crazy. We now have such a massive tools in the hands of states, corporations, civil society organizations, police, even terrorists, and we are still unaware of how big this tool is. Within a minute you can turn one person into a curse that thousands of people will curse or make one person like one social media star. Unfortunately, no one cares if this information is correct or not. Because the digital world is instantaneous; you have no time or desire to check all the post one by one. Knowledge comes, and you see and give your comments; then you will go to the other post. It is a massive tool whose results are large but the actions taken are small on an individual basis.

We are not born in a world where digital technology is used so intensely, but look at the new generation. Is not it quite different from us? How different will this new generation’s reaction, which will govern the world a few years from now, than we do. More intense, more digital, more cruel. Now is the time to ask ourselves these questions: how can we control social media without destroying personal freedoms and, are you ready to face your fear and worries?

Z Generation

January 2016 / Marketing Türkiye – While composing the strategy and planning of the work from digital marketing practice to classical marketing practice, the subject to which we must pay attention the most is customer analysis. On customer analysis configuration it is arguable whether or not it is true. However, we are making a classification: X, Y, Z.

  • X generation: 1965 – 1980
  • Y generation: 1981 – 2000
  • Z generation: 2001 – 2015

Now we cannot claim that this generation notion is same for every country; because we are talking about different beliefs, cultures, political and sociologic influences where communication does not advance in an integrated way, discontinues and none of the events are the same. However, among these generations, Z generation is the one where it is similar to others most and to which we should pay attention the most. Especially in a world where mobile technology increases and borders disappear with technology, the effect of this generation is much higher than expected.

After the Vietnam war had ended, a new project began as especially America centered: to create a new generation to be controlled, X generation. However, the plan was wrong in terms of timing and X generation resulted in failure; because a global world could not have been built yet. That is why a new Y generation had been planned at the end of 70s and in the beginning of 80s. Some development processes on 4 essential subjects were kicked in: communiation, educaiton, technology and globalisation. This program was kept going actively especially until 2001 and was cancelled for later. However, technology continued nourishing and nurturing the Y generation without getting involved with a program or a planning. Moreover, it brought out a new Z generation.

Generally, it is claimed that there are upfront differences between these 3 generations in addition to their similarities. I do not know if you have worked based on the characteristics of these generations. If you have, then please share with me too. It seems like a quite general topic to me and constructing the marketing strategy based on these characteristics by going into details seems quite like science-fiction. However, generation Z is going to be rather different for me. This generation which has no money in its pockets, meaning it has not obtained its economic freedom yet, will soon ransack the marketing rules. The term “global town” was very popular in universities in 2000s; the world is getting smaller and people are getting close to each other. Advances in technology accelerated this imminence in 2015 and in approximately 5 years, this world will start operating its own rules.

I attach more importance to generation Z than other generations; because Z generation will be the one where borders vanish and consumers resemble each other the most, in content of whole citizens in the country. Consequently, from now on, there will be data – which everyone uses – on your marketing strategies in your hands. It was not very easy to predict the future on 1990s; of course this difficulty continues for today, however a more easily predictable world than the past awaits us. The managers who interpret this world the correct way will win; I think the ones who want to stay behind will be dragged back towards X generation.


Generation Z was born with computer; it kept growing especially in internet and a fast information age; however, I believe that generation Z will have more active and more different frame of mind in later times, especially after 2010. The big change in mobile technology will bring out generation Z’s most active populace. A generation Z that plays games as 3-year-old on iPad or on mother’s cellphone, goes to the gallery and check photos, takes one, shoots video, even calls mother’s friends by choosing them on phonebook!

This generation generally knows how to improve itself; it uses online sources for lessons; wants more privacy, consumes quickly, wants to be the manager of its companies; spends more than 3 hours in its 60% of free time outside school on computer. Their attention span is approximately 8 seconds; unlike other generations, they are after becoming leader-manager instead of being a lamb and their visual attentions are very high.

I invite you to examine the infographic about generation Z which was prepared by Marketo. According to this graph the keywords are: less text, more visuals, right to prefer, an interactive lively world, social responsibility, encouraging improvement talents. Maybe not today but very soon this generation will be your most solid customers.


Facebook or Twitter

September 2015 / Marketing Türkiye – Facebook and twitter are the most used social media both in this world and in Turkey, which one is more effective and more interactive for digital world; what do you think for this special questionI can see the question marks that immediately comes to your mind. The sector, the quality of the content, time, follower structure are all important for the post effective. However, the study here is giving general information under the statistics; and now let us consider only organic.

We will go through 2 accounts within the scope of the analysis; We will assess 10 post that the results sent. For this evaluation all post text and image are the same; and had been sent in the same time.  About accounts for facebook like page and twitter followers are not fake; it’s not a bunch of meaningless. Relevant post submissions are included in the different categories of the brand; completely ad-free – organic, and it has been prepared in consideration of the sending.


Algorithm Analysis

Facebook Formula: Post Views Numbers / Total Like Numbers
Twitter Formula: Tweet Views Numbers / Total Follower Numbers
Clearly these data, especially at the post Facebook’s latest algorithm is impacted the organic results; organics have dropped considerably on facebook. Also there could be said: Twitter is more visibility than facebook in terms of percentage from the rateTwitter is better for organic values at least on the side; the side with the evaluation of advertising is not included in the relevant parts here. I think facebook advertisement part is more effective to reach more customers but for the organic side I can not say same things for facebook.
Interaction Analysis
Formula: Total Interaction Numbers / Total Views Number
As you see over this graphic, twitter is looking better than facabook again. Please don’t be in shock, because it is normal. When I check all post here and also generally twitter gets results between %10 and %15 for interaction analysis. But also facebook gets results between %1 and %5 in interaction analysis.
Especially I want to emphasize the other perspective, all post is about products except number 3. As you see number 3 has really good results for  just twitter both algorithm and interacition analysis. This post is about Celebration; what is your answer for why facebook is fix scale for different structure of the post? I don’t know, now this is your job to find the right answer 🙂
Click Numbers
Formula: (Total Clicks / Total Views Number) * 100
Another assessment, we have putting the links the text area and we want to be redirected them to our web sites or the other web pages. Which one is more effective for click numbers? 

When we check the results, it is so easy to see which one is the best. In the past, as digital marketing executive we invest the big cakes for facebook especially to increase like numbers for business page but then facebook was changed algorithm and we stayed for a little time in shocked. Also we invested for twitter too but not of course it was same amounts: for 100 K, 80K was for facebook and 20K was for twitter. Now the time is changed for organic using; and twitter is the King of interaction and click analyses for organic world.

But also in Turkey and many countries facebook is leader for total users in the social media. This means you can reach more customers and get more clouds in facebook. If you have really big budget, you can use easily this advantages for facebook but if you don’t have big budget, this is not advantages; there could be said for that: same conditions for same advantages. Also if you want to get one user for twitter; this cost is around 0.2 dollars; but for facebook this cost is around 0.1 dollars. I mean twitter is more expensive than facebook to get more followers or like. It is important to plan your digital strategy; you should pay attention all rules to make the best plan.

Now please forget all articles that you read now; just focus the title then check the infographic that was made by GetApp below; what dou you think; still Twitter is king or not?!



E-Commerce Time

January 2013 / İhracat Magazine – Now the new generation with the right proportion of the relationship between the use of Internet which is the best e-commerce sector could become a shining yildizlasara suggests that in the future.

There is plenty of choice shopping service door to the world of e-commerce, every day, firms toward more attention. The user is also e-commerce Digital Marketing Manager erkan tailor the size of the interest in the perception of the sector with that mention, the volume of trade by the rise in talked.

E-commerce development in Turkey what would you have on?
E-commerce is and will continue to be on the expectations of development in Turkey. In Turkey in previous years, the technical deficiencies of the Internet, the user high costs, credit card scams, and information about many significant factor deficiencies, such as shopping in the virtual environment is beginning to disappear. Especially the new young generation will increase the volume of the interest in the internet day by day. The most concrete example of this, BKM, 2007, according to data e-commerce in Turkey the volume of 5.537 17 million was TL; 25.313 the figure for the year before the end of 2012,15 million TL.

Can you give information on the volume of Trade of the sector?(numerically) in the world most e-commerce countries. Turkey, the world and how?
E-commerce and the volume of the worldwide e-commerce does not have exact figures about the size of the market, but according to data from Goldman Sachs in 2013 is estimated to exceed $ 1 trillion. The trade volume of the sector last year, according to data from 226 billion dollars only in the United States and realized a growth of yuzde12. Just e-bay with an annual turnover of $ 2.4 billion. All these figures and the percentages of growth of e-commerce in the world that gained currency not only in our country, and continues its growth curve. The world of e-commerce in the regions where it is most common in North America, Europe (Western and Northern Europe) and Asia-Pacific countries (Japan, China, Singapore and Australia-New Zealand region). Turkey is not included in the top 10 in the general ranking; The United Kingdom, Japan, United States, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and many other European countries, e-commerce, the volume of the highest in the country.

The percentage of Internet users shopping online is doing? Which sites popular?
One in every 5 people in Turkey who uses the internet is doing shopping on the internet. The service sector is taking place in this area in the first place, and then comes in electronics and computer sales. According to research by GfK, a 6-month period in 2012 ready-to-wear, accessories and precious jewelry takes first place with sales of 51 percent. With 36 per cent with 15 per cent after the electronics and travel/sightseeing shopping areas. Turkey’s most popular sites:,,,,,,, and Web sites that provide online shopping services.

The e-commerce sector is perceived as, do you think?
E-commerce sector in Turkey began to be perceived as. Especially in this field, our company sell the product to the last customer who want to become aware of relevant studies in these areas and is quite pleasing. The consumer wants to shop in this area, and the data as the day goes on the direction that this number will increase because the interest in the living conditions of the new generation of the internet is large and inevitably you get both with both with the ease of purchase to get the price advantage of e-commerce shows. Even if not each and every company in this area that take place, it will be important for many companies. This is only the latest in customer-sided, not from firm to firm applies to companies who sell. Correct by experts who know the business strategy and the execution of a separate and important this work is a necessity. At the same time, e-commerce as a sector is not perceived as an alternative channel that you can sell your product or service and your plan should be prepared accordingly.

E-commerce business starting your business or success in life what are the sectors that captures? E-commerce in Turkey there are many companies? Do you think this number will increase?
Ready-to-wear, accessories sectors entered a rapid growth trend. Until yesterday, was regarded possible sale of textile products in our country; today, however, the consumer can give a Order of shoes over the internet. Moreover, cosmetics, body care products, household products, white goods and separate continues to rise. Computer and electronic products, as always, at the top, and it seems that it will continue to be. E-commerce in Turkey the company is unlikely to know the number of net number, but we can say that this figure is in the thousands. Today only sales by making markalasan companies in this area we have:,,, just a few of them. Apr in the areas of selling and also only a certain markalasan as many Internet sites are also available.

In Turkey, there are manufacturers that still don’t have a web site. Why is this so important? Apathy and ignorance?
I don’t think it’s indifference, the lack of sufficient knowledge about the companies of this field is the most important factor. Today, companies no longer having a quality web site is a necessity. However, studies of Web sites as a web site integrated with or separate from e-commerce to establish structures is very important from the standpoint of the company. At the same time, as I mentioned earlier, companies engaged in e-commerce as a sector, not just as an alternative channel should see it. Use this alternative channel sales, and branding, as well as to create a new communication channel is important. Doing relevant work in these areas is not as costly as it seems. All companies that they have become aware of this important aspect of our time and e-commerce sites are also within a short period of time I’m sure they’ll add to their digital portfolio.

Mobile applications, e-commerce, what can you say about the contribution?
Mobile phones have entered a new technological era; Internet-connected smartphones, e-commerce will be significantly larger contribution. Today, e-commerce sales will be high and also through mobile phones is taking place. The ease of entry to the internet, computers and mobile phones with all the technical features that it has to offer now, and we have the advantage of instantly connecting to the internet for e-commerce will continue to be a great tool.

The e-commerce sector, what should be the goals for?
First of all, “your company is an e-commerce site need?” The answer to this question is “yes” if I have to say first to make sales on the internet is not as easy as it looks. Website and product photos of the preparation, the integration of appropriate adjustment and payment options, ordering and shipping process, tracking, e-CRM, Customer Support provision of pre-sales and post-planning of marketing activities, all of these transactions, accounting, media and many other important details the implementation of communication activities of e-commerce are the preconditions for sale in the world. Moreover, Turkey’s total sales in half or more until your turnover by calculating how to hit the road don’t make a sale. E-commerce site, your company, plus a sales channel; it is only on the internet unless you’re selling your car engine if you don’t expect to certainly sales of this field.

Finally, is there anything you want to add?
In our country e-commerce is perceived as not only sell a product or service to the final customer, and also most of the studies in this direction is taking place; but forgotten an important point in e-commerce just from the company to the customer(B2C), but also companies(B2B) is due. Today in the world of e-commerce for a large part of the volume, from firm to firm is selling. Therefore, while I consider relevant studies in these areas to start working without wasting time and keep your vision broad to be the most significant and necessary step will be taken in this area.

Journal of Exports by Terzi Erkan, January 2013 interview is given.

Interactive Digital Marketing

April 2013 / Business Reflesk Newspaper

1-What is interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing is not just social media, or did identify some of the Internet applications. Bringing together some of the company’s existing or potential special studies for its customers, marketing activities, advertising and a one-way communication based on non-interactive communication of the company and the customer in identifying mutual customers that brought their own beer and even the new trend was an interactive marketing weapon. That should come to mind when interactive marketing tools: bulk email sending, facebook, Twitter, Flickr as well as activities to be done with social media marketing, blog pages, mobile applications, social applications, the realization of interactive like a flash mob, campaign on the Google AdWords keyword and the execution of the work of the company Internet web site design, content and control studies, based on the search engine, sem company common arrangements that can be made with the planning of marketing activities, etc.applications.

2 – What is the benefit to the business of interactive marketing?

The young population of our country is increasing every day, however, both the state of e-government projects both private and company work the people of our country is increasing interest in this area. Interactive Marketing for our country has exceeded their infancy, and the U.S. continues to increase in importance. Especially if we think in terms of consumer habits has similar characteristics with the United States in later years, the budget for the marketing and the importance of this area I would say would be much greater. This area is the reason why it’s so important to your marketing costs and changing consumer structure. The need for marketing applications for large companies and small and medium sized companies needs to be strictly applied. Large companies generally have more information and communication is mainly performing these activities, but the most important point here is that interactive marketing direct sales activities with small and medium sized companies can perform. Today, Turkey is the turnover 80% of the companies that are winning in interactive marketing, and this highlights the need to yatr time our business men in this field.

3 – How to reduce your marketing costs? How profitability?

Today, we know that the classic is very high the cost of Marketing, at the same time of these activities is not at the desired level of return. Today, in particular, has a huge classic marketing function in terms of brand awareness. The effect of direct sales is undeniable, but does not mean that he is back to full strength. Your marketing will cost you yesterday 1.500 TL, TL 85.000 if I said that you will win, probably you’d believe, but these figures using interactive marketing to get marketing today because it is the most inexpensive and the most effective weapon in your hand, it is possible to use. Use interactive marketing to increase your profitability and reduce your marketing costs.

4 – business, interactive marketing and know how to use it?

In our country, especially, we can say that large corporate companies actively started using interactive marketing. However, the distrust continues in this field, especially the intense activities of consumers in this field I think it would accelerate the increase in interest interactive marketing companies. I have encountered in the business world for companies that use this marketing weapon, the largest deficit in this area unfortunately, work or study in these areas just mailing the relevant section on facebook interactive marketing applications. If you want to get the maximum yield from this area, and use all the tools of this area as part of integrated marketing integrated marketing is a classic in this field.

5 – What is the rate of use of interactive marketing by region? In the cukurova region what is the situation?

In this field the highest utilization rate in Turkey in the Marmara region, Istanbul as a city. This, however, is the ratio of companies that use interactive marketing to consumers. This ratio day by day, in every region and city, the increase is inevitable. In the cukurova region is intense, considering that small and medium sized companies, both national and international group companies for the customer, depending on what work needs to be done in this area. In terms of maintaining the necessary trust for at least a year or so and interactive marketing studies can be carried out within 6 months of return may begin to be taken. Making sales or providing services to the company’s sole purpose is to increase the number of customers who demand the most important way that is profit, but at a cheap cost in your opinion increase sales, generate brand awareness, communication channels to replicate What Are you supposed to do?

6 – Do you see the future of interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing in the near future, will be implemented in every company, different and to stand out in this period apply what your costs may increase. Today interactive marketing is one of the best to use period. Interactive marketing spending in 2009 in the United States the sum of these expenditures is expected to be 54,956 25,577 million dollars million dollars in 2014. Interactive marketing is increasing in importance as the day goes on, interactive marketing experts in this area so don’t be late to start training and get support from.

Erkan Terzi interview with interactive marketing, Reflex have been made to the business section of the newspaper.

Social Media for Beginners

May 2014 – Interactive Marketing Magazine / We use traditional marketing in radio, television, Newspapers such as the importance of media while maintaining the last 3-4 years for “integrated marketing” concept came to the forefront, but the importance of social media, not only the USA, in advanced economies such as the UK, Turkey, in emerging economies such as Brazil could not be considered an interesting and surprising way. Consumers, especially in the time of the intense interest in this field confirms the need to change its marketing strategies for the company, but also the adoption of social media by the consumer Old the process according to media sources, is happening much faster.

Radio 38 years, television 13 years, Internet reached 50 million users in 4 years. However, Facebook has reached 100 million users in only 9 months! This is just the sides of the social media iceberg form. Social media is a continuous flow of information, and especially in the structure that holds a large and active network of collaboration can be considered free. The old traditional structure of a communication network, the company is subject to a passive stream of knowledge which is aimed at consumers just.

The new marketing trend is active within the information flow from the consumer to the consumer from the company includes a network communication between each other company and even consumers – Figure 2. But what might we need to use social media tools? In order to give an answer to this question as a priority sector where your company is located, existing competitors, and you need to do serious work with your target audience. Be at the forefront of your company’s internet web page the search engines like Google in order to rank your work, blog and Forum, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo groups, blogs, Gmail, youtube, flickr, RSS feeds, slideshare, wordpress, beboo, msn, such as in the areas of the social web constitute only the initial stage of the work the work to be done. Flash mob social media activities such as social activities, even the internet can be sourced from non-working.

From where you can create a social media plan for your company and your company in the name of steps to take before you should ask yourself questions, respectively:

– Social media strategies is appropriate for your company or your industry? For example, especially in the B2C(company to customer) is indispensable for the company in social media, while B2B(company to company) for companies in the application area will be much less.

– Target customer, who is your audience? Especially in Turkey, if you want to use social media, there are among your target audience between the ages of 15 to 40 of the Group is important. Another important question after you apply your social media activities, what are your expectations from the audience, what kind of results would you like to achieve?

– Who are your competitors? Aside from your competition that exists under competitive market conditions strategies for recognizing and addressing them will be appropriate for how to produce against your competitors use social media?

– Which channels your competitors in social media what kind of activities?

– What are your company’s strengths? You can learn how these strengths to the forefront in your social media activities?

– Which social media tools you can use for your company?

– Application and verification activities can fulfill in what way?

There will be a cost for companies of social media, this is not to say that it is a medium completely free space. However, television, radio or even Newspapers, media outlets such as social media, when compared with the cost is almost negligible. Even in some sectors, high-cost is much more effective, we can say that at stores.

In today’s world social media is indispensable for small scale companies to large scale companies to work for help and can be used as an important marketing weapon. In terms of companies in different industries, both in the interest of consumers in our country, both economically and in terms of increasing technology and the internet, in our country, although we wish that will increase the level of awareness on this subject, still, it is a fact that we need major steps to be taken on this issue. However, social media companies and comprehend the importance of acting early, it will be a few step ahead against competitors to understand that we don’t need a crystal ball to look into. Remember, the purpose of social media is to provide better service to your customers; for example, your existing web site or to your social media tools, it’s not about your company, your customers should be about.

Erkan Terzi, Magazine – Marketing Turkiye, interactive marketing – IP was published.